Back in 2013, a bunch of ex-SAF Commandos came together at a #TACFIT training session at Tacfit Singapore. During that session, one of the ex-SOF (Navy Seal) specialist was so impressed by the training methodology that he initiated a plan to introduce Scott Sonnon’s Circular Strength Training system into the Singapore Military.

Pretty quickly, we started speaking to various Military institutions, establishing group training and trainers’ induction courses. We added a new curriculum and partnered with other service providers to offer more holistic health and wellness offerings.

In 2014, we partnered with a local fitness gym to establish our own proprietary training system, R.I.O.T. which stands for Redefined Intense Organized Training. This program was so well-received by the public that we had filled-out classes every evening. However, due to poor business management by the fitness gym, we decided to part ways and the initial group of partners split up to pursue their own ventures.

Having strong beliefs in providing holistic wellness programs, I took over the Healthfirst-Fitness brand in 2015 and evolved it into a fitness consultation establishment, aimed to help those who seek solutions to their personal health challenges.

Armed with in-depth knowledge in nutrition and experience in fitness training, I completed 365-day as a vegan athlete, and completed a Spartan Trifecta in 2017. I have also completed a Spartan 2X Trifecta in 2018 with a Spartan Ultra in Johor, Puteri Iskandar this December 2018.

Now, at age 43, I am at my prime fitness and I want to share with you my “secret” to great health and better fitness. If you are seeking solutions, I can help.

Coach Calvin