McDavid mmHG Calf Sleeves/ pair (8836)

McDavid mmHG Calf Sleeves/ pair

McDavid mmHG Calf Sleeves are designed for running, workouts, and sports, incorporating cutting-edge technology to enhance performance and comfort. These compression sleeves can also help reduce musce fatigue.
McDavid Inc. designs and markets sports medicine, sports protection, and performance apparel for active people and athletes. We are relentless in our pursuit of preventing injuries and enhancing performance. Recovery apparel directly affects performance by influencing your ability to train fully and consistently. McDavid Recovery gear reduces lactic acid build-up, increases blood flow for faster muscle fatigue recovery and improved circulation. We virtually and literally support better performance with our unique technologies of Cross Compression™ and Targeted Compression™. Designed to help any athlete focus on improving performance, achieving more and crushing personal bests and now available in Singapore!

Key Features

  • Targeted Compression™ Technology
  • hDc™ Moisture Management Technology
  • Quick drying and antimicrobial material for comfort
  • Swiss made quality
  • Includes one pair

Targeted Compression™

The McDavid mmHG Calf Sleeves make use of Targeted Compression™ to focus a higher level of compression on a specific area, allowing for increased blood circulation. mmHG stands for Milimeters of Mercury, which is a unit of measure for pressure used commonly in medicine (products do not actually contain any mercury!). Targeted Compression ™ allows for different levels of compression at the ankle (18-21 mmHG) and top of sleeve (12.6-14.7 mmHG) to improve blood flow.

hDc™  Moisture Management Technology

hDc™ is all about staying cool and dry, dispersing and dissipating sweat quickly. Stay cooler and drier in all conditions and be faster and fresher than the rest!


Black/Alt Blue (Black when not used, blue when worn or stretched) & White.


50% Tactel/40% Polyamid/10% Lycra


Refer to sizing chart in images.

Suggested Wear Time

Length of game/run/extended workout.

Wash & Care

Cold water wash. Do not dry under heat (e.g. dryer or under sun). Do not use softeners. Do not bleach. Do not iron.


Compression gear are designed to enhance blood flow. Should a tingling occur in foot while wearing, remove immediately.


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