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TIL Yoga Mats – Roadshow

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First of all, #HFFA would like to thank all those who showed interest in TIL yoga mats when we presented them during the recent Market Singapore Annual Convention on 22-23rd April 2017 at the Singapore Expo.

There were a few enquires/feedback on our yoga mats on display over this 2-days roadshow so we would like to provide our replies as follow:

Q1. Why the mats are so heavy?
A1. These are made of 100% biodegradable rubber (not synthetic) hence it is heavier than the typical mats.


Q2. How big are these mats?
A2. They are 173 x 61 cm x 4.5mm thick


Q3. Why does the printed surface feel so slippery?
A3. Slippery because there is a layer of solution that is sprayed over the print to seal the colors in. After 3-4 practices the grip becomes very good. Alternatively used a damp cloth and with water to wipe it down prior to first use.


Q4. Anyone endorses your products?
A4. Jeanette Aw (SG actress) has a piece and loves the grip. Also endorsed by yoga instructors from Yoga Lab.


Q5. How much does this cost?
A5. This is priced at S$95. You get a higher quality mat for the same price you pay for brands such as Nike.


Q6. The designs are really nice, whet does the creator get the ideas from?
A6. The creator is an yoga practitioner. She was inspired by the wall mosaic while travelling across Eastern Europe and decided to venture into producing high quality mats which represented her beautiful memories of her travel.


If you like to purchase yours, please goto this link; https://healthfirst-fitness.com/…/this-is-love-til-workout-…/


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